Shuttle Services

Daily Shuttle Service

Every day, we will have a shuttle service- in the morning- from the hotel to the University and- in the afternoon- from the University back to the hotel. Also we will  provide you with shuttle services from some central locations to the University every day which will be announced later.

For the socials, we will also provide you with shuttle services from the hotel to the socials and from the socials back to the hotel.

Free Shuttle Service From Airport

We will provide you with a free shuttle service on 19th of April (the day in which the registration and the opening ceremony will take place).

Shuttles will leave from Sabiha Gokcen Airport at 08:00 am, 09:00 am, and 11:00 am;

and from Istanbul Ataturk Airport at 08:00 am and 11:00 am.

Please make sure that your landing time is early in the morning in order to catch the registration and opening ceremony.

Code names of the airports: Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) & Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW).  

Please send an email to in order to arrange your reservation in either one of the 5 aforementioned shuttle hours. Please include your name, surname, society’s (if not, university’s) name, flight number, and which shuttle you would like to reserve.

If you are applying as a delegation, please let the head delegate send an email to stating all the delegates’ names, surnames, society’s name (if not, university’s), flight numbers, and which shuttle you want to reserve.


Dear delegates please note that Sabiha Gokcen Airport is closer to the hotel and the University and also it is usually cheaper to land there. We will also have more shuttles in Sabiha Gokcen Airport than in Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

For the delegates who will arrive on 18th of April (one day before the conference), there will be no free shuttles. You can either reserve an “Airport VIP Pick-up”  or take the following routes:

From Istanbul Ataturk Airport:

  1. Take the Metro from “Ataturk Havalimani” to “Atakoy Sirinevler
  2. Take the Metrobus from “Sirinevler” to “Ayvansaray Eyup
  3. Take bus numbered “500T” from “Ayvansaray” to “Kavacik Koprusu

From Sabiha Gokcen Airport:

Take bus numbered “E-3” from “Sabiha Gokcen Havalimani” to “Kavacik Koprusu”.

Airport VIP Pick-up

We will arrange a VIP Pick-up on 18th and 19th of April.

The delegates who wish to be picked up from the airport with a VIP shuttle, please send an email to in order to arrange your pick-up hour. Please write following information in your email:

1- Your name and surname

2- Your society’s (if not, your university’s) name

3- Your flight number

4- If you have anyone coming with you, their names and if they are coming with another flight, their flight number.

You will be picked up with a VIP shuttle and taken to the hotel. We will provide you with snacks, soft drinks, and free wifi during your travel.

In order to ensure your reservation, you need to make the full payment. Please note that we have only one VIP vehicle and it can only do one trip at a time, so we will work on a “first come, first served” basis.

The VIP shuttle can take up to 4 people in a single trip and the fees are as following:

From Sabiha Gokcen Airport:

1- One person pick-up: ₺ 100 / €25

2- Two person pick-up: ₺ 80 / €20 per person

3- Three person pick-up: ₺ 60 / €15 per person

4- Four person pick-up: ₺ 50 / €13 per person


From Istanbul Ataturk Airport:

1- One person pick-up: ₺ 130 / €33

2- Two person pick-up: ₺ 110 / €28 per person

3- Three person pick-up: ₺ 90 / €23 per person

4- Four person pick-up: ₺ 80 / €21 per person

(It is not certain yet that if we will be able to arrange a VIP shuttle back to the airports after the conference. We will inform you about that during our conference)